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Steve Dennis shares his experiences of the kidnap and ensuing legal case that sent shockwaves through the sector. As featured in The Guardian

Keynote Speaker


Anthony (Tony) Redmond is Professor of International Emergency Medicine at the University of Manchester where he co-founded the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) and is its deputy director. Read full bio

His interest in disaster management began with the earthquake in Armenia in 1988 and he has since continued to respond to a range of humanitarian crises including sudden onset disaster, conflict and refugee crises up to and including the recent Typhoon in the Philippines, and coordinating responses to the conflict in Gaza, the UK response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa and the earthquake in Nepal.

In 1994 he established UK-Med, an NGO that provides international emergency humanitarian medical assistance.

In this inaugural event, Borderless 2017 will bring together NGOs, International Development Organisations and Humanitarian Government Bodies to discuss the unique challenges they face when mitigating risk in international operations. The programme of events will drive the opportunity to share best practice, build working relationships with your peers, unite behind common initiatives and priorities and to form one voice to the suppliers and providers of insurance, travel,legal, risk, assistance and emergency response services.

In recent years the safety and security of international aid workers has become a prominent issue, as humanitarian aid workers are increasingly being seen as targets. According to Humanitarian Outcomes, 2015 saw 287 aid workers become the victims of attack and 109 tragically loose their lives.1

During the conference our expert speakers will use real life case studies to separate enduring myth from inconvenient reality and to illuminate the space in which the different approaches and appetites for risk that exist amongst us, must all still reach the same end goal of ensuring our people come home safe and well.

1 Humanitarian Outcomes (2016), Aid Worker Security Database

Key themes include:

  • Sexual violence in international aid
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ and female aid workers
  • Legal Precedence, lines in the sand?
  • Media & Higher Education, what can we learn from them?
  • Interactive Crisis Management Workshop
  • NGO health facilities and medical staff under attack
  • The Kidnap risk: preparing for the unthinkable
  • Appetites for risk... should we be treated differently?
  • Insuring high risk activity
  • Legal Risks Masterclass Presentation

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Networking Opportunities

Borderless will provide its delegates the chance to network with peers from across the UK, giving organisations the chance to build their existing networks of support. Sharing best practice in travel risk management is a solution itself, therefore start the journey to becoming a ‘best practice’ organisation, at Borderless 2017.

Leave this conference with…

  • An understanding of the evolving global risks to the humanitarian sector.
  • An advanced understanding of your organisation’s duty of care responsibilities.
  • A comprehensive overview in how to implement best practice travel risk processes that work to ensure the safety and security of aid workers.
  • Case study examples of centralised travel models, security evacuations and post trauma support.
  • Lessons from the Media and Higher Education sector’s response to travel risk.
  • A new network of peers from within your sector.
  • An invitation to an array of free to attend Masterclass Travel Risk Seminars and Workshops over the next 12 months.